New Signs of Life

While many of the trees that used to shade my house (one of the main reasons I rented it) are gone or eventually will be gone when the tree guys finish their work around here, there are still signs of life everywhere. I forget how quickly signs of spring show up each year. Here it is, in the middle of February, and there is green everywhere.

I have a thing for daffodils. Each time I move, I eagerly await this time of year in hopes that past tenants planted them. This year, I looked and looked in my front yard for little daffodil shoots coming out of the ground and was extremely disappointed when there were none. I decided to be happy with what I did have (irises) and get on with life.

However, lo and behold - I found some these when I got home from work today:They were hiding behind my house (a place I don't often go - it's messy, there is an alley back there, and it's just not pretty). They have given me new hope for my little yard - my now sunny yard thanks to the recent ice storm. I can't wait for the sun to stay up just a bit longer after work so I can do some work behind the house getting it cleaned and ready for spring and summer. There is a great patio back there, so eventually, it will be out outdoor hanging spot. In the meantime, I'll just set up a chair and go sit and look at my daffodils.


julia said...

What a beautiful little surprise.

Punkinhead said...

OOH! I hadn't thought about the fact that you now will have Sunshine in your yard! Yay!!

Melodie Ann said...

Yeah. I don't know. We'll see. This week is going to be iffy at best. Next week is going to be bad b/c I'm going out of town for work. But, I'm committed to this... again... lol.

I miss you. We haven't talked in forever!

Anonymous said...

how delightful to stumble upon!

Nicole R.J. said...

Oooh jealous - I can't wait to start seeing spring sprouting around here!