Lookie what the UPS man brought me

Okay - so he didn't bring me hangers of dyed roving to put in my bathroom BUT he did bring me a couple of boxes... both of which contained the necessary supplies for the dyed roving hanging from the shower curtain rod.

I'm already pleased, not thrilled, but pleased with the turn out. It's better than I thought it would look for the first go round and I can't wait to spin some of it up to see how it turned out. It was all I had in my NOT to go and dye all of my wool tonight. I better take this in stages to learn a bit each time.

I need to get a light box made so I can get some good pictures of the roving once it's dry and braided up. I might even try to list some next week if I get a batch that I love dyed up tomorrow. I love new hobbies.

One thing is certain - I'm going to need more vinegar to get through this wool.

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Lady Stephanie said...

I read how you're going to get a light box. I just wanted to make you aware that there is a free tutorial on making your own.

You can print the tutorial and take it with you to Lowes. I found this really inexpensive, and really easy to make. I hope you find it useful.

All the best,