all I want for Christmas

As I've spent time this past weekend browsing around my favorite blogs, I've begun to make a mental list of things I want for Christmas. I've noticed as I've grown older, or wiser, or more mellow (can't be sure which) that my tastes have changed dramatically. Or, perhaps it's not my tastes as it is my need for things. When I was 22 I needed more than now, when I'm 29. I've got what I need. I'm afraid that when I get married, my gift registries will be full of frivolous things since I've got all of the typical marriage type things already (mixers, sheets, towels, plates, etc).

The same applies to Christmas wish lists. I've found myself drawn to peaceful things, homey things, things for nesting, things to take naps in, crafty things, a few cute things to put on my dinner table in the chance that I have a dinner party with guests one day... just things here and there. I thought this blog might be a good place to start that list. It can be used by those looking to get me a special gift or I might decide to use it when I'm out doing some flea market shopping during the 2 weeks I'm off of work in December. Rest assured, I won't be terribly devastated if no one uses it... just a little devastated (kidding... maybe).
  • Quilts - preferably older (there are a lot at my mom's house, hopefully I'll get some of my favorites but am open to ones not from my mom's house too)
  • Head board for my guest /nap room - again, preferably older (I think naps are best taken in a bed with a headboard)
  • Vintage serving platters - I have a few, but wouldn't hate a few more
  • Wall shelves for my dining room so I have a place to put my collections
  • Bookshelves with glass doors/fronts for my wool collection
  • Smallish hanging pots for my plants I have to bring indoors during the winter (preferably vintage or vintage in style)
  • Vintage sugar and creamer sets (I'm wanting to start a new collection)
Something that goes along with this list, but not as a gift item, is time to clean out my life. I'm ready to go through the bins in my basement and begin to get rid of things. As I begin to bring some things that belonged to my mom into my life, I'm ready to get rid of the things that have no meaning (gifts from boyfriends past, binders full of college notes - why do we keep those?, shoes I don't wear, things like that). I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this before, but I'm serious this time.

Before I was only partially serious.

Happy Monday everyone!


Giving Thanks

Sweet Potatoes - something to be VERY thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends, blog readers, customers and random people who happen upon this post today. I hope you all have a chance to take some time to really enjoy the day, no matter where you are.

I'll be watching the parade, snacking, cooking, knitting, carding fiber, spinning, eating a HUGE dinner and snoozing. Oh, and I think there might be some football in there but not because I chose it.




Yesterday I posted some pictures on Flickr of things that made me happy at the time. I got a couple of exciting things in the mail and I was making a spectacular dinner and those things just made me happy.

Along the same lines, I've noticed a lot of people posting on their blogs or Twitter or Facebook things that they are Thankful for in the month of November. It's a daily posting and it's nice to read. It's also a nice reminder that no matter what is going on, there truly is something to be thankful for.

Today is my mom's birthday. She would have been 65 if she was here to celebrate. We'd probably take her out to dinner since it's not Thanksgiving (when our Holiday birthdays fall on Holidays, the celebration usually involves turkey or ham) give her a gifty, watch a movie, you know, fun things like that. Instead I'm at work, posting on Facebook that today will always be her day and reading things her friends and coworkers are posting about her. Maybe she isn't here to blow out her 65 candles, but it seems like today, more than ever before, is truly her day.

I love you mom and happy birthday.

And now, something today that makes me happy or that I am thankful for - having had a mom that was so wonderful that people who knew her take the time to go post wonderful things about her on Facebook. She was so truly loved... by so many. I am so thankful to have had a mom like that.


Well Hello

Yes, I do manage to finish a big project every now and then. These little fingerless gloves might look small, but this was a very big project for me. I picked out roving from my stash, spun it up specifically with these in mind, set the yarn, waited for it to dry, waited some more, got distracted by a couple of craft shows and things like that, and then I finally knit them up into Toasts. Okay, so they aren't exactly Toasts or even Toasties. They are a combination of sorts - knit with a thumb hole instead of a half thumb thing that I thought looked a bit off.

So there you have it. Aside from being superwoman most of the time, I do find the time to finish a knitting project when I put my mind to it. Now, off to spin more yarn because these are addictive.


Photoshop makes me a happy girl

Laila, AKA Rawfish on Etsy, shared her photoshop tricks on Flickr. Now I've gone Photoshop happy and I'm not too proud to say it.

Hi, I'm Erin, and I'm a Photoshop addict.

Well, addict is a strong word. I've only made a new banner for Woolyhands and this cute little image as seen here...... but I imagine I'll be spending lots of time on Photoshop this season. There are worse things.

The NWA Boutique show went very well for me today. I sold a bit of yarn, some neckwarmers, a scarf, but mostly jewelry. Sweet, sweet jewelry. I love how you fly off of the table this time of year. I've been working my poor little fingers (and the big ones) to the bone for the past few weeks so I'm only pleased that it's paying off. I have some new colors and beads in my stuff this year and I'm in love. If I'm feeling up to it tomorrow, I plan on taking some pictures so I can show you all of the lovelies.

However, we all know how plans go.

My plans could very well be pushed aside for a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (don't judge me... they have fried applies and hash brown casserole), Hancocks for more plying thread, and Target just 'cause I want to go. So if you don't see new jewelry up in Idyllhands this week, it is because Cracker Barrel got in the way.


Holiday Ideas

I've got so many different Holiday ideas for my fiber shop swimming around in my head and no time to do them and it's killing me! Okay, I'm making that up, I have plenty of time to do them, just not before my next show which is... uhh... two days from now! I had HUGE plans of sticking just to jewelry for Saturday's show but we all know how HUGE plans go. Yeah, they go right out the window.

Oh well, I'll stick to the jewelry, bring some of my fall/holiday yarns and leave it at that. I still have the two Farmer's Market Holiday Markets (too many markets?) to prepare for and I can unroll some of my ideas there. AND there is always next year. Let's not forget that.

I'm quite excited about the show on Saturday. I've been churning out so much jewelry for the past few weeks and some of my new items sold at least weeks show so I just know this weekend will be great. I've been using a lot of pearl and jewel tones in my new pieces (perfect for the Holidays) and even gold which is not something I've done before. I'm please with how they look for this time of year and am itching to get pictures of the items so I can get them up on Etsy in time for some Holiday shopping.

I don't know where this sudden burst of jewelry making energy has come from lately, but I'm not going to complain. I really didn't want to make jewelry the entire summer and was worried going into the fall still not wanting to. Funny how that changes in anticipation of Christmas.

Now, back to my fibery ideas I started this post out with. I want to do more art yarns than I am. Just small bits of yarn perfect to just enjoy in a glass bowl or to add to a project for some pizazz. The couple of Ugly Yarns that I did for Halloween (art yarns gone bad) garnered so much interest and I even sold some. It would be crazy not to do more but not call the Ugly Yarns. Ugly Yarns don't sound too Christmassy... I'd come up with something else. Perhaps, "Someone Spiked the Punch" yarns or another cheeky phrase. I'm sure it will come to me at some point.

I also want to put together some fiber ornament kits. Basically it would be a way for someone who likes to craft, but doesn't knit or crochet, to use my yarn for other "non-tradition" projects. And no, don't ask what I have in mind because I haven't figured it out, but I will... oh, I will!

I have some other ideas too, but I'm having trouble explaining them in writing. If I get to them this year, I'll be sure to post the ideas and pictures to share with all of you.

So, what have you got planned for the Holiday crafting season? Making gifts? Any seasonal items going up in your online shops if you have them? I'd love to hear from you. Sharing ideas and projects really helps get all of our creative juices flowing.


Another one bites the dust

Another show down, one more to go. The Handcrafted Holiday boutique that I participated in on Saturday night was a success. The crowd was down compared to last year but I'm really thinking the random warm spell we've had didn't help. People aren't in a Christmas mood when you can practically wear shorts during the day. Where did my fall go?

I have one more seasonal show on Saturday which should be very good. I shopped at it last year (wasn't a vendor) and it looked great and very well attended... here's hoping the same for this year. I'll just have my jewelry at this show, so set up should be a breeze.

I will say that I'm ready for a break from crafting after all that I've done this season. Maybe I'll turn to baking for the weeks leading up to the Holidays instead of crafting... hmmm, baked goods for Christmas presents anyone?

Speaking of baked goods, I never baked those muffins that I was sure I was going to bake a couple of weeks ago... I'm bad like that. Maybe tonight... maybe tonight.


Did someone say shopping?

Come one, come all to the Handcrafted Holiday special shopping event! Bring a friend, bring 2, heck, bring three and head over to Walton Arts Center's Nadine Baum Studios on Saturday, November 7 between 6PM and 9PM to enjoy some great snacks, tasty drinks, wonderful massages and fabulous shopping!

It's a great chance to buy one of a kind holiday gifts for your friends and family (or for yourself... I won't judge). There will be lots of goodies to look at from a few local artists (my sister and myself included).

And trust me when I say that Santa will put you on his good list for shopping local this year! I hope to see you all there!


Holiday Spin-a-long

And just because I can, I've decided to host another spin-a-long. I had so much fun with the Halloween spin-a-long that I thought it only appropriate to do one for my favorite time of year... the Holiday season! I've posted all of the fun details in my shop. The one difference is that there will be more than one prize awarded at the end! It is the season for giving, after all.

Go here to check out the details and I hope to see you join in!


Finished Halloween SAL yarns!

Finished Halloween SAL yarns!
Originally uploaded by Ehwin
Goodness - where has the time gone this week? The Autumn months are just flying by and I have hardly taken time to enjoy them! Such is life, right? Actually, I'm lying a bit. I have been enjoying my time spent outdoors at the Farmer's Markets and I took a day of work to make this a three day weekend, so not all is lost.

I'm not here to talk about me, though, I'm here to talk about all of the fabulous spinners who participated in the very first Woolyhands Spin-a-long. There were 13 participants in all and 7 who posted finished yarns in my Flickr group... well, 8 if you count my yarn. Aren't the yarns lovely?

The deal was, each person who posted pics of their finished yarn would be entered in a drawing for a gift batt from yours truly. So, without further delay, I shall announce the winner...

I hate just picking one winner - all of the yarns were great :)

The Halloween Spin-a-long was a lot of fun and I'm gearing up for a Holiday/Winter spin-a-long... so keep posted here to get all of the festive, wintery details!