Newness all over again

Mugs in a window I'll be leaving behind

It seems like just last month we moved into our current house. I was so excited as it really is the cutest house in town. A lot has changed since moving here. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, fought for her life and then lost that battle. My brother moved out of the country and I fear daily that I won't get to see him for a few years. Rocky became a great uncle and then I became a great aunt (you'd think we were old or something). I received the promotion at work that I had hoped to receive for so long. I started my woolly business of fabulousness - WoolyHands. We traveled... we laughed... I cried... we smiled... we enjoyed and now it's time to move on.

My simple goal for life at this moment is to not have to rent a house forever. I can't promise you I want to buy a house, but I certainly want to be able to buy a house if it strikes my fancy. You just can't do that this day and age without a deposit. To be honest, you can't just get a deposit put together this day and age either. It takes planning, preparation and sometimes scaling back. So, we shall scale back. 2 people do not need a 3 bedroom house on the edge of the historic district. It's been fun but it's time to be serious. We found a lovely 2 bedroom condo just ready for us to move into. The bedrooms are very large (larger than we have now), the crown molding is new, the appliances aren't that old and it has a fire place. Yes, and honest to goodness working fireplace.

OH - and I'll be saving more each month than I'm paying for my car. Yes, scaling back has its advantages.

I'll be honest with you. I'm very sad to leave our house. It almost makes me cry but I see many advantages to moving across town and those make me more happy than I am sad. Life carries on. Things change. People move. It's what we do.

We're a nomadic bunch.


At this moment, everything is perfect

It's raining a heavy, late summer rain out my windows. Inside my oven are cookies upon cookies. At this very moment, it seems that everything is in love with each other.

I've said it before, but this time I really mean it, tomorrow will be the end of a very tough couple of weeks at work. I'm not sure what this keeps building up to. I'm being challenged in ways that are new to me and I'm left frustrated at the end of the day (typically a very long day) and further behind than I was that morning. Surely this is not what everyone who tries to advance their career goes through... is it? Are we all left to deal with difficult situations/people/places/things? Do we all feel like we're thrown a problem that has no solution?

I know that I'm headed in the direction I want to go. Everyday I love my job but everyday I'm left frustrated and tired. I'll get there and I'll be amazing on the other side. It's just going to take some tough licks along the way.

Thankfully, along the way, there are rainy evenings spent indoors baking chocolate chip cookies. Along the way there are days spent behind some knitting needles creating cozy things to keep me warm during the upcoming winter. Thankfully, along the way, there are lazy afternoons spent cuddled on the couch with the Sweet Boy and the Schmoo napping. And thankfully, along the way, there is family and best friends encouraging me as I go.

So all of this to say, even amongst the crazy, the frustrating, and when you feel you just can't take another step, there is always that late summer rain to wash away the negative and bring forth the sweet moments. Take time to dwell on the sweet and forget about the other.