blog slacker, yes... spinning slacker, no

It's true, I haven't give my blog the attention it needs, the attention it deserves this week. To be completely honest, I've been exhausted. The lack of power and severely cold temps in my house that I put up with last week has left me tuckered out. I got off work a bit early today and came home and slept hard. Well, not so hard that I don't remember my crazy dream about staplers. Yes... staplers. I was proving to someone that stapling took far less time than paper clipping. It's true, it's much more efficient!

Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. I've been spinning like a mad woman. I'm participating in the Phat Fiber box for February and the theme is Chocolate and Romance. So my little fingers have been busy plying some lovely wool and my little foot has been treadling the heck out of my wheel. I finally have 45 samples put together and they will go into the mail tomorrow. I did four different yarns - Cloud 9, My Funny Valentine, Chocolate Kisses and Chocolate Sundae. All are lovely and I hope they lead to some sales. If not, it was still fun to do and I will be doing the March box as well.

Well, I'm off to finish packing up the yarn samples. Goodnight all.


Handmade Sunshine said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Good luck with the samplers and I hope you get some sales to show for all your hard work.

casserole said...

So with this paper clip efficiency thing - have you taken into account staple jams? refills? rummaging around in the desk for refills??? (Just a little something for you to chew on in tonight's dream)

I'm usually a blog slacker when I'm at my most productive. No blogging means active hands.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, and glad to hear the power is back on.

Don't forget to get some R&R this weekend too!