Peaches for me

Today was not kind to my appendages. Well, this week hasn't been kind to them at all. It started with a few nights ago when I attempted a face plant on my front porch. Instead, I caught myself and my 4 bags of groceries on my knee. I sat there and half cried for about 3 minutes until I could woman up enough to limp into the house.

And I half cried because no one was here to hear me but I still needed a good cry. It was pathetic really.

The knee hurt for a couple of days and when I woke up this morning, it felt as good as new. Just in time to allow me to slice open my right index finger at work (and by slice, I do mean slice - it's not pretty). After 5 band-aids, I think it stopped bleeding... or I temporarily ran out of blood, I can't be sure of which.

Okay, so it stopped bleeding, I'm being a bit dramatic. I'd lead you all to believe I ran out of blood if the story didn't actually get better. Today was also a blood drive up at work and since I haven't donated since the slasher film moment I had during the fall of 2003 blood drive at UT, I thought it was time to give it another go. It wasn't as smooth sailing as I was hoping... and it hurt WAY more than I remember and now my arm can hardly do anything that requires muscle or too much control.

So spinning is out. Cooking is out. Carding wool is out. Carrying my monster purse is out. Opening the trap door to my bedroom is out. I do most everything with that arm... except needle felting. So tonight I made this -
This was a pitiful story, wasn't it? :)


Wish List

There was much discussion going on between some Fiberistas on Twitter yesterday about spinning wheels. One of my favorite fiberistas, Cloudlover, made a big announcement that she just purchased a Lendrum DT complete (DT stands for double treadle and complete means it comes with all of the fabu stuff you need for big HUGE bobbins of art yarn).

Normally I just congratulate the fiber artist on their new baby and am done with it. However, this announcement came one day after a fairly frustrating evening of trying to get a bulky, plied yarn spun up. It almost ended with my throwing my wheel out of my house into my front yard. Don't get me wrong, I love my spinning wheel, but I'm thinking it's just not cut out for the HUMONGOUS art yarns that I would love to do more of... and would do more of if I didn't lose hair over the whole ordeal.

So, now I have something to save up for. I must also own a Lendrum DT complete. I'm not sure how long it will take me to save up for it... I do have to restock my merino supply soon, but after that I'll save up for a new wheel.

And if you are wondering if I'm going to sell my other wheel - I'm not sure yet. It was my first wheel and I really like it for almost every yarn I do... just not for super bulky, heavy, art yarns. Oh, and if you are wondering if I'm going to sell my other, other wheel (the super duper Craigslist find) I doubt it... unless I need that money for the new wheel... then I might be persuaded to part with it. I just can't be a three wheel lady, that sounds a bit crazy.



I've been known to go overboard when I find a good deal on something. Anyone who takes a peek into my jewelry supply storage area would agree. I have tons of beads still strung how I purchased them with sale tags still affixed.

However, with wool, I've had to be more selective since I do most of my purchasing online. See, there is a shipping cost involved with buying online and that usually stops me from emptying my PayPal account on fiber. This morning I found a solution to that. I headed out west to Tulsa... well, a town just outside of Tulsa (Kerryville?) for the Fiber Christmas in July festival. I walked around... picked over things... took notes... and then went crazy.

One vendor had a fabu price on dyed wool and mohair locks so I kind of did most of my spending there. I also bought some flax, sari silk remnants, silk scraps, and tons, tons, tons of sparkly goodness. I did stay within my budget and I was able to get everything into my house upon my return in one trip. So I didn't really go overboard as this post is titled... but close to it :)


an email

Dear University of Texas Development Department,

I write this email with some hesitation. I am a very proud University of Texas Graduate. I treasure the time I had there, the friends I made, the many things I learned, and the experiences gained from being a student of such a great University. That is why this email has been hard to write.

I completely support the new Campaign that is currently taking place, however, I do not, in any way, support the harassment that I have experienced for the past two weeks.

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from the number 512.475.7371. They asked for money for University of Texas programs, I kindly replied that I am not in a position to that right now and it was left at that. I received a call from that number the next night and almost daily since. I have not answered since the first night.

After doing some research as to where exactly this number is coming from (perhaps not from the Campaign, but I assume it is because of the timing) I have found forums where person after person has posted how irritated they are with the persistent phoning night after night, sometimes well into the evening (some calls come in around 8:45 PM). I am obviously not the only one being harassed.

This is not the best strategy to get money that people want to give. Perhaps the strategy is to harass those of us low on the totum pole until we give you the $20 we have left each month after paying the government back for the years spent at UT? If so, it might just work. I can't imagine your high end donors are getting these calls night after night.

I just ask for an explanation as to why they come in time and time again. As a former employee of another University's development department, I'm a bit dumbfounded as to how this system could possibly work.

Thank you,

Erin Jepson
Bachelor of Arts in Music, Class of 2004


Big Return... I hope

I do believe I am done watching tv and am ready to get back to making things. I've been carding wool like it's going out of style for the past few days and have come up with quite a few new lovelies. However, I'm running out of room to store them all - SO - as a welcome back to crafting event for Woolyhands, I'm offering a free surprise batt with every batt or roving purchase. That means, if you purchase three braids of roving, you get three surprise batts. See my shop for details.

I'm not sure how long this special will last... I suppose until I'm tired making surprise batts!

I'm a bit in disbelief that July is very close to being over. As much as I love what summer brings (longer days, tomatoes, other veggies, herbs) I'm not so sure I'm a huge fan of the heat. However, It seems like summer just began the other day and it worries me that time is flying by like it is. I want things to slow down, I want to just relax and enjoy. Instead of trying to figure out where in the heck last week went. Perhaps I need to take some vacation days from work and actually go somewhere. Suggestions anyone? And be realistic, I live in NWArkansas and would need to get there by car.

Well, my drum carder is calling my name so I'm off to play with wool.


San Francisco skyline from Mount Tamalpais

While I still feel like I'm taking a bit of a break from things, I felt the need to blog about something very peaceful... very serene.

The summer of 2003 brought about many changes in my life. I had not been financially responsible in college and was facing that square in the face that summer (guys, credit cards do not need to have a max limit of $20,000 when you're not working and going to school - it wasn't completely my fault that I maxed it out), the winds were changing direction in a serious relationship I was in (although I didn't know it) and I would soon be starting my last year of college. It was madness and I'm not sure how I handled all of it.

I did take a trip to California that summer. The main point of the vacation was to hang out in San Francisco (quite possibly my 2nd favorite place... Paris sits in spot number one), however, there was some hanging out across the bay from San Francisco and in LA as well. On the first night there, I stayed at a lovely B&B on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. I think my party was the only group there. We had a room with a balcony that overlooked Marin County, the bay and San Francisco just beyond that. The red woods were gorgeous, majestic, and quiet and the view of the city was calming for some reason.

Sometime during the night, the door to the balcony blew open. I was awakened just as the sun began to turn the horizon pink. The lights of San Francisco were still on, it was still very dark, a bit foggy, and completely calm. I stood there, not upset because I something had disturbed my sleep, but completely thankful that I was able to stand there and take all of that in. It was so beautiful... I miss that scenery. I feel like waking up to that for a week is just what I need right now.

California could use my tourist dollars... right? :)


Big, huge sale this way!

This doesn't count as blogging... just a bit of promoting for the AREtsy Street Team. Click on the image above to be taken to a HUGE list of shops participating in the AREtsy Christmas in July sale through Sunday, July 19.

What are you doing still here? Go... shop... get some good deals!