My Greatest Fear

Before I traumatize you with a terrible story, I'll show you my latest yarn. It will break your heart (it broke mine).

Enough yarn.

I came to a point tonight when I found myself facing something quiet ugly.

It was hideous... scary... frightening... not for the faint of heart... and definitely not for the eyes of babes.

I reached the end of my crafty rainbow. I tried knitting and was left uninspired. I tried making a wreath and was disgusted with my progress. I even tried to reorganize my yarn and was left halfheartedly stuffing yarn into a tote and hiding it under a table. Yup, I'm done crafting for shows this year.

I have one show left on Saturday and while I have a good amount of stock left, I wanted a few new things but that's not going to happen. I want to knit for myself, spin yarn for myself, bake for myself and making things to sell does not aid in that desire one bit. It was very easy for me to decide to be done. It's nice when messages are clear like that.

So, for now, rest because come next week, it's time to get started on the handmade Christmas list.


Happy Dance

This is me... happy dancing all over the place.

Okay, so you can't see me dancing, but I promise you, it's good. I created my first newsletter tonight. If you didn't get one and want to partake in the 15% discount then fill out the appropriate information over here --------------------------------------------------->

You'll be sorry if you don't.

Just sayin'


A Promise

Dear soon to be 30 year old self...

...I promise to stay true to myself, even if that means finding myself again

...I promise to let my mouth be the voice my mind so desperately needs

...I promise to do better about finding you handmade tortillas more than once a year

...I promise to stay busy being creative even when I want to sit around watching tv

... I promise to continue learning

... I promise to provide you with many opportunities to buy new shoes

... I promise to stop and pet the Schmoo cat on the head at least 4 times a day

... I promise to try and stress out less (I said try)

... I promise that my 30s will be even better than my 20s.

I promise.


I need help.

There. I said it. That wasn't so bad, was it?

I typically pride myself in my creative organizational skills but I've hit a wall with my latest project. My jewelry supplies used to live happily on my sun porch. They were all nicely stacked and tucked away on shelves underneath a vintage sewing table just ready to be pulled out and made into some lovely, sparkly goodness.

However, now they live stacked on a wobbly shelf in my guestroom closet. They lurk there in the dark just waiting to lunge at me the next time I open my closet. The jewelry supplies no longer way to be made into lovely, sparkly goodness but instead hide, unloved and forgotten.

I'm left without a great way to display my supplies within easy reach (no thanks to IKEA for having the perfect shelf in their showroom and then not having it in stock on the way out of their store) and so I must turn to you, my blog reading pal, for help. I need some ideas and inspiration for jewelry supply storage for small spaces. Of course I know the obvious answer "go get yourself some shelves" but I'm look for not obvious.

Please post some ideas (pictures are a bonus) and I'll love you all forever.