Triumphant Return

About a year ago (maybe more or less, I honestly can't remember) my sister and I moved our Junque Rethunque booth from the cavernous back side of the flea market to a bright, sunny, corner spot with a window.  We finally put our spin on the booth adding letters to spell out "JUNQUE".  We were quite proud with how it looked.  The Q was large, gold and stood out amongst the smaller black letters.  It did a bit of showing off, winning talent shows and whatnot when we weren't looking.

The other booths apparently were jealous.  Rumors were started about Q that were simply untrue.  No one invited her to dinner or to parties.  This lifestyle sent her on a downward spiral.

Then she disappeared.  Whether she couldn't stand the spotlight any longer or someone plotted her demise, we'll never know.  She never turned up.

The hunt for an new Q was not easy.  Auditions left us with a mediocre crowd of Qs that just didn't fit the role we needed her to play.  Months went by where our booth was just "JUN UE".  The other letters did their best to pick up the slack until we found a new Q, but it wasn't the same around there.

Then, on one unsuspecting Saturday in the back of an overpriced Fort Smith flea market, we found her.  Unappreciated, unloved, and sitting on the floor getting dusty, we knew she was the star we needed.  From the picture above, wouldn't you agree?

It's so nice to be Junque Rethunque again... Jun ue Rethunque didn't have the same ring to it.  Help us celebrate, if you're local, go check out our booth at the Fayetteville Trading Post - we just added tons of new goodies and you wouldn't want to miss out... would you?


It's the simple things...

... like the time to nap when your nose would normally be to the grindstone. It's finding a small treasure buried deep in a pile on the bottom shelf at Goodwill. It's a quiet afternoon with your windows open.

It is the simple things that help you to reset.

After oversleeping my alarm and dozing off while brushing my hair this morning, I decided a sick day was in order. I've spent the last week sniffling my nose, popping my ears, taking Advil for my achy bones, and otherwise not feeling spectacular. I haven't felt "sick" but apparently my body has been working overtime to keep me going. I ended up sleeping 6 more hours throughout the day. I feel like I could go to bed now and still sleep until morning. Sometimes you just need a day away.

After a hearty dinner of BBQ ribs ('cause this Texan doesn't stray too far from the mother ship) I sped off to the nearest Goodwill and then to the 2nd nearest Goodwill. I think the trips were well worth the time and mileage. I found a set of interchangeable knitting needles at one for $5 (this set to be exact). It is missing two of the smaller sizes, but I can replace those. I couldn't let my good thrifting luck go to waste, so off to the 2nd one I went. There I found a sweet pillow case, a handful of vintage mugs for Junque Rethunque and a handful of embroidery hoops. I'm smittin' pretty hard on the large, oval one - aren't you? I have some fabric I want to frame in theLink hoops and hang. That might be a good project for this weekend.

What about you? Any weekend projects already in the works? Who cares if it's only Monday... you have to have something to look forward to.