Guys, I'm not sure if you've realized it yet, but it's HOT outside. The only remedy for the heat is a snow cone.

It doesn't matter what flavor.

Just as long as that flavor is topped with cream.

Because snow cones need cream.

Trust me on this one.

I went to look at a house today. The location was so-so, the view was spectacular, but it was clearly built for college roommates. Small living room, eh kitchen, no dining space, 4 tiny bedrooms, 2 tiny bathrooms (one of them doubling as the utility room) and absolutely NO storage space. I don't know any adult that doesn't need at least some storage. So, I'll mark that one off of the list.

And why am I looking at houses if it sounded like we had one all ready for us? Because... I've decided I think I need to stay in town. Anyways, the house out in the country was starting to sound like it was a little too close to what could turn into drama at some point.

I'm also really giving my house a good deep cleaning and some slight rearranging this week in hopes that a shiny house will make the Sweet Boy and me fall in love with it all over again. One thing is apparent, we might have the best deal in town, even without good parking options. Ah well.


Big news... I think

Oh my, it seems I've forgotten to come post my big announcement here on the blog. Last week I received a promotion at work. I've gone from Booking Manager to Booking and Events Manager. I've also gone from supervising no one to supervising 6 someones.

Am I crazy to accept that? Maybe.

Am I overly excited to FINALLY be stepping into some big girl shoes at work? Heck yeah.

As the Booking Manager I managed the master calendar at work, handled client events (concerts, recitals, receptions, etc) and... yeah, that was it. It was a big job, but I had been doing just that job for 6 years. I needed something else. Now I'm doing those two things and also managing the special events for Walton Arts Center and running Front of House activities. I can't even express my excitement in words.

I'll be getting my hands dirty learning new stuff and I am loving it so far.

In other news, the Sweet Boy and I might be moving 11 miles out of town come August. We need to go see the house first but it comes with a drive way. A drive way is something I've learned to cherish in my 2 years at the house I'm in now. Don't get me wrong, I will miss the heck out of this house, but I won't miss the parking issues. It's almost like I live in Chicago based on the parking alone. But I don't. I live in Arkansas. I'd like to have a parking space.

Oh, and I'm 29. 29 year olds shouldn't have to fight with 21 year olds for parking. Sorry, it just shouldn't be that way.


In which I REALLY see the light

After many hours of playing with my new light box, I have come up with a series of pictures with this look:I think that's it! I think Idyllhands has a new look. I purchased the fabric in the background to make pillow cases out of... but I can buy more. I think the combination of the yellow McCoy pottery against the green and white of the background is fabulous. And the small book underneath mellows it all out and provides an anchor. Soooo.... what do you think?

In which I see the light!

I've been wanting to construct a light box for well over a year. I've put it off, found sunny places to take pictures and have made do without one for long enough. This weekend I tasked myself with making a light box. They are cheap and sounded relatively easy to construct.

"Sounded" being the key word there.

It was certainly cheap. $.99/poster board (I purchased 2). I had the printing paper used for difusing light, so that was basically free. The light bulbs for $4 for a pack of 4. The lamps were already in use around my house, so again, free. So, $6 for an entire light box.

But it wasn't not easy. You see, poster board is pretty flimsy. Flimsy poster board turns into a nightmare when you're attempting to stabilize it and stand it up. In retrospect, I should have used the tutorial that utilizes an actual box but this will do for now. I like that I have a lot of flexibility to photograph from the front and from overhead.

So, now I have a light box. I think it's the first step in vamping up both Woolyhands and Idyllhands. I figure it's worth starting with the basic selling point... the pictures. At least I have the flexibility to work on pictures at night instead of just waiting until the perfect 2 hours in the middle of the day (restricting photographing new items to the weekend). Now the fun starts... what backgrounds show I use? What is the perfect white balance? I have a feeling I'll be playing with my cameral all week.

I've already started playing with my jewelry... see?
Anyone else have homemade light boxes out there? If so, which tutorial did you use to make them? Please sure in the comments, I'm sure this isn't the last of my home made light boxes.


A Love Letter

Dear Doubletree Austin,

"I am not even sure where to start with this. I booked my room at this hotel through Priceline. I was delighted to get a Doubletree room as I have stayed at other Doubtletree properties in the past and have always been very pleased with the service and rooms. I've also been pleased, in the past, with how I had been treated by Doubletree, even though I was a Priceline customer. I had called a week or two ahead of time to confirm that I did have a king, non-smoking room and that everything was set for my vacation. Imagine my surprise when, upon check in, I was told I was in a king, smoking room and the only other room available was a murphy bed room (who even has those anymore?). Nothing could be done and the person at the front desk could have cared less that this wasn't what I had confirmed. Knowing that a refund wasn't possible, I went to my room. I was shocked. Not only did it smell horrible, it looked like the room time forgot. I've stayed in nicer Days Inn than that room. When I go to the Doubletree Austin website to view the rooms, I see nice, Hilton rooms with nice bedding, nice furniture, modern at least within the last 10 years. This room had a tropical bedspread, broken furniture, a vinyl headboard, coffee table that didn't match, cigarette burns in the carpet, a couch that was beyond well used... need I go on? It was terrible. Frustrated, I called the front desk again - yet, nothing they could do. So I called Priceline. After 10 minutes they were able to get me a refund. At least I got that, but now I was in a bind of finding a room, on my budget, during Memorial Day weekend. It wasn't easy. I am so disappointed with every aspect of my time in this Doubletree. IF you are going to sell rooms through Priceline at the 3.5 star level you have to give the customer a 3.5 star room, not a 1.5 star. Basically you are selling a lie when you do that. I will not recommend this property to anyone."

I wish I had more characters - because I had more to say. Hopefully their GM will read this, be horrified and call me because I have SOOOO much more to say. I don't like to be duped and I'm not stupid enough to sit back and let it happen. Sorry, I might be a budget conscience vacationer, but I'm also one who reads the fine print. If I buy a 3.5 star room for $50 I should get the same 3.5 star room someone paid $160 for.

The end.



My trip to Austin is behind me.

And I'm sad.

Sad because this amazingness is over:

But also sad because I've had the hardest time leaving that town this trip than I ever have before. Not sure if I'm ready for a change, ready to get back there, ready for more opportunities in life, ready for more options for things to do on a Thursday night... just ready. That thought scares the heck out of me. I'm comfortable where I am. I have a great job. I have a nice house (rented of course). I'm near my sister who has become a best friend while living here. It's a small town and I know where I'm going here.

But that's just it. I know exactly where I'm going here. There is no thrill. There is no "what will I be doing next year". There is no adventure. Maybe I'm ready for something different. Maybe I'm ready to stand behind 5 doors and have to pick one and each one of them will lead to great things. I can't even find 2 doors here, let alone 5.

Perhaps it's time to take that next step in life and move back to the big city.

Oh, don't worry, I'm not changing course just yet. Things at work have been very good lately, exhausting, but good and I'd like to see where that is going for now. Plus, the sweet boy is still working his way through college here... it might be best if he keep doing that instead of be uprooted. But... we'll see, all in good time, we'll see.

Good news though, I'll be back to my crafty self by tomorrow. I feel the need to get my hands into some wool and do it fast. So, my blog posts will soon have pictures of tempting wool and lovely yarns again. It's been too long...