Another Ending

I'm faced with another end to the weekend (redundant?). It's always bittersweet. The late afternoon sun coming in the windows on this Sunday leave me with a feeling of peacefulness and I want to curl up and take a cat nap... BUT WAIT. There is so much left to be done before heading back to work tomorrow.

I wouldn't mind longer workdays and three day weekends. Is anyone else with me on that?

After sleeping until 11:00 AM this morning (longest I've slept in since college I think) I got busy with some custom orders that I need to get in the mail. One was yet another Marigold bracelet and the next was a completely new combination of browns and natural stones that I think is rather nice. I suppose today has been successful enough - perhaps everything else can wait on me to take that cat nap.


Punkinhead said...

this is very pretty - a nice departure from the more sparkly things you do. I love custom orders!

Michelle said...

If I were president, I would make the longer work days and 3-day weekend happen...if I were president.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! Now go rest, my friend.