Etsy One Million Challenge

Our street team, AREtsy, is putting out a Etsy Wide challenge to pool ONE MILLION pictures of their art work and items for sale. The Flickr Group can be found by clicking HERE.

You don't have to be in AREtsy or in any street team to participate - but this is a great way to help promote both your shop and the shops of your fellow team members if you are in a street team.

Lets see how fast we can get 1 million photos pooled!


Designs by Jenean said...

I just joined and I will be checking back and adding pictures periodically to see when we reach million.

Punkinhead said...

I sent a half-dozen or so today. :)

subu said...

i added pictures!! what a fun challenge. :-)

Stacy said...

I joined! Flickr rocks!