I *heart* custom orders. While selling anything I make is good in my book, custom orders allow me to make things that a customer specifically asked for. I don't have to worry about if someone is going to like it enough to buy it or if it will sell at all. I just have to worry about finishing it on time (which I always do).

I received a phone call before Christmas from someone who had purchased a scarf from me last year. She wanted another one. I pointed her to my Etsy site hopeing for a sale. Nothing came from it. It wasn't a huge loss. However, I received another phone call from her this past week wanting to purchase two custom scarves. While I would have been thrilled to sell one stuff from my Etsy site before Christmas, I was even more thrilled to sell two yet to be made scarves after Christmas.

I set to work on them yesterday and finished them up today. I'm pleased with the results and hope she will be as well. In fact, I like them so much, I might make one for my Etsy site. The colors are nice.

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Punkinhead said...

oooh, they're beautiful!! You should make some for the shop, definitely.