Winter Scenes

Winter is my favorite time of the year. Sure, I love the summer when I can garden and grow delicious tomatoes, but in the winter you have a calm, peaceful, serenity that has settled over the wooded areas that dot Northwest Arkansas. The empty branches of the trees play well with the white/gray that the sky provides as a background. I've been wanting to try and capture this in one of my bracelets and while I've almost got there, I haven't quite captured it the way I want to. Thankfully, I can live through other Etsy artists while trying, over and over again, to capture it in knit wire and bead work.

These are a couple of my favorites from Etsy. The first one is from PalindromePress and the second one from 12Fifteen.

Perhaps I'll go home tonight and try a bit harder to recreate this look in one of my bracelets... or perhaps I'll quit trying to be so creative and start tying to finish my Christmas presents!

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