I Love Olive

I do... I really do. This is my 2nd, and probably my last, bracelet for the day. It's another one done in sterling silver wire but this time I chose chartreuse, olive, and brown for the colors. I'm very happy with it.

Another thing I'm very happy with - the satin background. FINALLY I have pictures I love. I bought cream and black satin tonight at the craft store and I am so very glad I did. The black worked best for this bracelet, but I'm sure the cream will come in handy eventually. If not, I'm only out $1.49.

This morning was the morning that I became obsessed with felt beads. I went to the Northwest Arkansas Community Creative Center's Art Bazaar and bought some felted wool beaded earrings. I must get some beads of my own to play with. I could learn to felt but that really needs to wait until I get some other projects done. In the mean time, I've found plenty of them on Etsy for purchase. Now to just narrow them down to just a handful that I want.

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