At last... I'm finished

I finished the first of a few Christmas gifts I planned on making this year. I've been busy the past couple of weeks so this one has not received the amount of attention each day that the rest will. I'm quiet pleased with it and I'm counting on the fact that the recipient does not read this blog.

I was supposed to travel to Kansas City, MO for a concert today, but the weather was less than accommodating. Instead, a friend and I went to lunch and a movie. We saw August Rush and I have to say that it was a wonderful, heartwarming, cry your eyes out kind of movie. I highly recommend taking a break from whatever crafting you are currently doing and driving to your local theater to see it.

Oh, and I had time to bake some cookies today. We might need them if we get the freezing rain that have forecast for us on Monday. Baked goods and queso with chips are always my preferred" stuck in the house because I don't want to drive on the ice" kind of food. It's a bit hard to eat chips and queso while knitting though...

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