And then this goes to...

This handmade pendant - not yet in my Etsy shop - goes to Recycled Ideas. I found her blog, Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist, through the PIF I took part in last week. I love her shop and hope she likes what I've designed just for her.

I like this so much that they just might show up in my shop soon.

I had big plans tonight to do a couple of bracelets (I still have time for that I suppose) and start another scarf, but here I am, 8:00 PM, blogging. *sigh*


Denise Felton said...

Gorgeous! So original, as always.

Field Notes said...

BTW, I really like it :) I hung it on my Christmas tree and when we take the tree down in a few days, I get to start wearing it myself!

~ recycled