Christmas is just 20 days away but it's not too late to get some good, quality shopping finished. My favorite group of Etsy ladies makes up a street team lovingly called AREtsy (Arkansas Etsy for those who aren't in the know). It's an amazingly varied group of crafters/artists with all kinds of items in their Etsy shops. We're all open for Christmas so please, make a mug of tea, come in and browse... scratch that, shop for all of the Christmas gifts on your list:

http://www.BeadedBombshell.etsy.com Beaded Things - Necklaces, Rings, Earrings
http://www.Creativekiwi.etsy.com Crochet/Sewing- Babies/Toddlers
http://www.denisefelton.etsy.com collages and greeting cards
http://www.Diamondmeenuh.etsy.com 100 percent hand sewing--no machine
http://www.Divaschmiva.etsy.com all crafts!
http://www.EdieCastle.etsy.com bags, satin pillowcases, jewelry travel totes
http://www.EkioArt.etsy.com Abstract, mixed media art, jewelry, felting and photography
http://www.IdyllHands.etsy.com Knitting and wire wrapping
http://www.JulieRose.etsy.com wire jewelry
http://www.MartoonieMosaic.etsy.com mosaic art
http://www.SUGARFOOT.etsy.com clothing
http://www.SimplePleasuresbyMS.etsy.com Handmade Jewelry
http://www.SnappyBibs.etsy.com Sewing
http://www.TheTwistedPurl.etsy.com Fiber Arts
http://www.WhimsAli.etsy.com sewing, kids stuff
http://www.artandartifacts.etsy.com Assemblage, Mosaics
http://www.casserole.etsy.com papercrafts
http://www.dogwoodlane.etsy.com sewing-wallets and bags
http://www.dyzart.etsy.com glass,clay,metal
http://www.glassbead.etsy.com lampwork glass beads
http://www.jenniferz.etsy.com Sewing, Croches, Jewelry, Papercraft
http://www.judysnow.etsy.com Hand cut mosaic tiles from vintage and older pottery
http://www.nest.etsy.com a little bit of this and that
http://www.punkinhead.etsy.com Snowfolk and other sewn goodies
http://www.QueeniesRoom.etsy.com jewelry supplies, paper crafts, misc.
http://www.paperologie.etsy.com Cards, custom tags, scrap booking, labels, stationary and other chic things

Get shopping!!!


Julie said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm always amazed at how many of us in Arkansas are on Etsy.

Ekio Locatiare said...


Even though it shouldn't, we are quite the creative state, it still amazes me how many of us there are on etsy!