I'm weak

"Outstanding" from 12fifteen.etsy.com
Recently I found myself weak and at the mercy of good marketing techniques. I feel safe when I see something that says "only 100 prints made". 100 gives me plenty of time to wait it out, decided if I want to buy it, test the waters to see how fast they are going. However, when "only 100 prints made" changes to "only *some number less than 10* left" my safety goes out the window. Now it is only a matter of time before it sales out... what if 10 people who wanted this item very much all decide to buy one RIGHT now.

I'll tell you what happens, you buy something.

I bought the original inspiration behind Winter Trees the other day. It came in the mail on Saturday and it's wonderful. The print is even lovelier in person and the packaging was supreme. I even got a couple of holiday cards out of the deal, I'm a sucker for freebies.

I also found myself quite weak at the book store tonight. I bought a couple of knitting books. Not patterns or techniques, but actual read before bed kind of books. Both by Stephanie Pearl Mcfee. I got Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off and At Knits End (also by McPhee). I'm really looking forward to some reading as soon as I'm done with these Christmas gifts!


Punkinhead said...

As long as you've got MY present done, you can stop to read a little. I give you permission.

Julie said...

I haven't read the other one, but At Knit's End is fun. Definitely a good 'reading before bed' book.