Holiday Trunk Show

I've been busy preparing for a Holiday Trunk Show that I'm participating in on Saturday. A fellow AREtsian, NightSkyProducts, told the street team about the event and I jumped on board. I will be joining a few local artists/crafters for this show. There will be soap, paper goods, jewelry, scarves, massages, food and of course, wine! We'll also have door prizes and I'm offering a free gift to anyone I invite who brings a friend with them.

This will be the perfect opportunity to shop locally for Christmas and support the local economy and some local artists/crafters. If you're around here and want to come, leave a comment here and I'll send you more information.

The items pictured here are some of the new things you'll see at this show. Other items I'll have there are my knit bracelets, necklaces, knit scarves and handspun yarn for those who are crafters.

By the way - THIS rocks my face off.

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Sunny said...

One might even say it Barracks your face off :)

I wish I was still up north so I could join in the trunk show fun!