They like me... they really like me

I love coming home after a long day and finding my jewelry featured in someone's treasury. This time I found my earrings in RUSSIAN Style Holidays by vaivanat. I was honored to be included in such a wonderful treasury and seeing this always makes me giddy.

Vaivanat is an Etsy artist who works with felt - no, not the kind of felt you pick up 5 squares for a $1 at the craft store, but she actually felts wool and creates amazing things from it. She does cozies, necklaces, bracelets/cuffs, bags, brooches, and earrings.

I'm very glad she featured me in a treasury as it has led me to her wonderful shop and now I just have to patiently wait until I make a couple of sales so I can go snatch up this bracelet (I'm disciplining myself to not buy anymore until I make another sale!).

This bracelet is my favorite from her shop if I was forced to just pick one favorite...

...but if I get two favorites, then I'm going to go with this necklace as well.

Tomorrow is an art bazaar by the Northwest Arkansas Community Creative Center at Walton Arts Center's Nadine Baum Studios (say that one 3 times fast). I plan on making it out to support some amazing local artists and suggest anyone in the area do the same.

Bon nuit.


Goodies in the mail

purchased from http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5133005

I had recently purchased some felted knitting needle covers from projectfelt on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=6518107) and they came packaged with the cutest 1 inch "Buy Handmade" button. That started me on a mission to find my own "Buy Handmade" buttons. During my quest I not only found the buttons, but also an "I heard Etsy" button and some of the cutest, tiny envelopes with cards perfect for "Thank Yous" with my Etsy orders (purchased from http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5274115). I went crazy (but the money comes from PayPal which has come from sales, so it's not like it is really coming out of my pocket). I can't wait for my next order to come in so I can package them with this cute button ($15+ in sales of course... the earrings don't get a button... but 2 pairs of earrings do).

My crafting energy has lately been going into a scarf. I can't post it on here as it is a gift and I don't want peeping eyes to spy on it. I like it so far, but it's taking a while as it uses small needles - so I'll have to decide on how much I like it later. As soon as it's large enough to not be laughable, I'll post pics of it.

And finally, I received a very nice gift card from my best friend for my 27th b-day (it was Tuesday, BTW). I've been trying to decide what to get her for her birthday and it dawned on me - DUH - something from Etsy. I looked and looked... and looked and looked. I was having trouble finding something. She's pretty traditional when it comes to jewelry (think James Avery). I finally did find something and I know she will love it! I'll post pictures when it gets to my house.


Huge Accomplishment

For those of you who know me, you know I knit. If you know me well, then you know I knit jewelry and I knit scarves - and that was it. I could knit small scarves, large scarves, scarves that could be sewn up into small pouches, but that was as far as these Idyll Hands went with knitting needles. Well, tonight I broke that system. I knit 3 - yes, 3 beanies. I attempted a hat last year - it took me almost a week and didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. However, thanks to Tangle (http://store.tangleonline.com) I found one hour hat instructions (the first one only took 45 minutes and the next two only 30 or so minutes) that saved my bottom.

You see, I agreed to a custom order on Etsy to do two scarves with matching hats. I thought surely it can't be too difficult to master the beanie. Thankfully, I didn't get myself into something I couldn't knit myself out of. Needless to say, I'm pleased and I've found something else to use up this yarn with.

Next project - socks.


Oh Snap!

Allow me to introduce you to "Dreaming of you"

I just remembered, I did get a bit of craftiness in for the weekend (Fridays count as the weekend... don't they?). During my lunch break today I took some time to create another treasury for Etsy. I've posted a lovely picture of it here for all of you to admire! The link is: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=2204

Keeping Busy

It's been quite a busy week in my world. I've been bowling with my Leadership Fayetteville group (it was a service project... I promise!), working like crazy, walking in the evenings, cleaning this house, getting ready for my friend from Austin to visit, and I even had time to make some new earrings which have already been posted on Etsy. This week hasn't been as fruitful in the Etsy world as last week was - but that doesn't hurt my feelings... too much.

I received one of my purchases from DesignsByKat619.etsy.com. It's a GORGEOUS bracelet. I've received two items from her and they are both amazingly lovely on my wrist. She is one of three stores that I have bought more than one item from. The other two are TagYourIt.etsy.com and ABreathOfFrenchAir.etsy.com. Tags from TagYourIt and yummy soaps from FrenchAir. The best part is, I use the money out of PayPal that I get for sales, and it's not like I'm spending anything. Don't worry, I still have quite enough in PayPal for a special Christmas gift I'm saving up for.

Well, as I said earlier, I have a friend from Austin coming in. She's coming tomorrow morning so there won't be ANY crafting this weekend. I do plan on taking her up to Eureka Springs and I'll be able to view some other amazing crafts, so perhaps that will have to suffice for my creativity for the weekend.

Goodnight world.


I'm an addict

I made another treasury on Etsy tonight. You can see the actual treasury here:


I need to be working on some jewelry... but I suppose it's okay to take a break for a fews days. I was knitting like crazy for a while there. In fact, I deserve a few days off! I have made quite a few sales lately and all of this shipping has worn me out!

I've sold a few earrings (pairs of earrings that is) and a handful of bracelets. I even sold a scarf last night - my first scarf sale on Etsy. I've been QUITE pleased with Etsy. Don't forget to go there for all of your Holiday shopping!


Shades of Winter

Okay - the forecast for snow flurries last night has had me dreaming of the white stuff all day (even though I know it's a ways off).
I used that inspiration in my first every Etsy Treasury tonight -


I think I'll be a computer junkie tonight and get back to crafting tomorrow.


Brrr... it's cold out there

I was doing my usual email/weather/Etsy check tonight and noticed this. Is there anyone out there who can explain how two days ago it was very upper 70s and today there are snow flurries on my weather forecast? Do not get me wrong, I love a cold day more than is sensible, but I'm a bit floored by the extreme conditions they are forecasting for the evening of November 6.

It does make perfect stay inside an craft weather. Tonight I worked on the knit pendant you see in the picture above. Some Etsy shop owners said it was great, it's still growing on me. Someone asked me today if I do necklaces and I suppose that I do now. I'll wear it to work and see what I get in reactions.


Thanks to too much time in the forums

I spent most of my evening in the Etsy forums chatting, browsing, getting ideas, giving ideas, and knitting bracelets. I finished 3 tonight and will post them tomorrow (I need more "S" hooks before I'll be done with them). I'm pleased that I was semi-social and quite productive. People in the thread seemed hard pressed to believe that I was knitting and chatting, so I'm posting the pics here to prove that I was being productive!

I'll be doing some volunteer work in the morning through lunch, but after that, I'll be getting pictures of these bracelets, redoing some photos of old ones, and posting them on Etsy. I think I might even venture into repricing the bracelets (I've been told they are too low) and making a sterling silver bracelet. I've had a good week there - quite a few sales, tons of Hearts, I'm feeling good about November.