Keeping Busy

It's been quite a busy week in my world. I've been bowling with my Leadership Fayetteville group (it was a service project... I promise!), working like crazy, walking in the evenings, cleaning this house, getting ready for my friend from Austin to visit, and I even had time to make some new earrings which have already been posted on Etsy. This week hasn't been as fruitful in the Etsy world as last week was - but that doesn't hurt my feelings... too much.

I received one of my purchases from DesignsByKat619.etsy.com. It's a GORGEOUS bracelet. I've received two items from her and they are both amazingly lovely on my wrist. She is one of three stores that I have bought more than one item from. The other two are TagYourIt.etsy.com and ABreathOfFrenchAir.etsy.com. Tags from TagYourIt and yummy soaps from FrenchAir. The best part is, I use the money out of PayPal that I get for sales, and it's not like I'm spending anything. Don't worry, I still have quite enough in PayPal for a special Christmas gift I'm saving up for.

Well, as I said earlier, I have a friend from Austin coming in. She's coming tomorrow morning so there won't be ANY crafting this weekend. I do plan on taking her up to Eureka Springs and I'll be able to view some other amazing crafts, so perhaps that will have to suffice for my creativity for the weekend.

Goodnight world.

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