We Feast

*pats belly*

I'm going to be completely honest with all of you tonight - I ate 4 chicken legs. Yes, 4. That means I'm far too full to even begin to think about something clever to type. In fact, I'm far to full to even feel like sitting up for too long. I'm not sure why I ate 4, they were just so stinkin' good.

Oh, and I figure I needed that much food to balance out the 3.5 glasses of this delicious sangria that you see above that were consumed prior to the chicken. It was a Memorial day feast that will go down in history.

I did manage to finish up a lovely two-ply yarn prior to the gorging of myself. It's deliciously colorful. See....


Melodie Ann said...

Your sangria looks absolutely fabu.

Punkinhead said...

okay, next time we're doing the feast at MY house and you have to bring the sangria.