What weekend plans?

I'm afraid my weekend is shot. There is so much I wanted to do - spin some yarn, dye some yarn, go find some new jeans to take to Austin, but it looks like I'll be at work for the majority of today. I'll have some breaks here and there, but they won't be long enough to really get anything done.

I wanted to dye up enough wool to get me through the week since I'll be headed to Austin on Friday and of course I won't be working with wool down there. I do have a good handful of jewelry made up, so at least Idyll Hands will get some new item love :)

I did want to show you my two most recent spins. The one above is the first yarn I've spun with wool I dyed myself. I am very excited with how it turned out. It was spun from my Spring Bouquet Corriedale roving. If I get a chance to dye this weekend, I'll do some more in that color combination. The yarn below was spun up from a Hobbledehoy batt. I plied it as well and boy am I glad I did. The thick and thin aspect of this yarn show off the colors and textures perfectly. It's for sale here.


casserole said...

work, ewww... why does it always get in the way of our crafty plans???

idyll hands said...

Heck - forget getting in the way of crafty plans, how about getting in the way of the weekend! :)