Lunch and other things

This was lunch today. I had some leftover fried plantains and black bean salsa so I decided to attempt some nachos (similar to what I used to get at Bahama Breeze in Austin - they aren't there anymore). The taste was okay, but they were a bit dry. I'll have to try it again sometime - they did look lovely though... didn't they? The plantains were fabulous with some cilantro sauce last night. Yummmm - at least all was not lost.

I leave for Austin at the end of this week. I can't even begin to express in words how badly I need this small vacation. Life has been so hectic around here since September and I need these few days to just relax and not think about too many things. I will be sad to leave my Etsy shop (is that weird?). I will make sure to do a good fiber update over at Woolyhands and a good jewelry updated over at Idyllhands before I leave.

Ah - the casserole is finished, I'm out of here for dinner.


Punkinhead said...

I am jealous of your time away! I need some of that. Sure, we went away after Christmas, but when the family goes with it's not quite the same... :)

casserole said...

casserole? did somebody say casserole???

idyll hands said...

Bwahahaha - yes, someone said casserole.