Missing You Already

It's been a week since we all loaded up the cars and departed from New Orleans. While I don't miss the humidity and the funk that permeates every corner of The French Quarter (if you've been, then you know what the funk smells like), I do miss that place. I attempted to make some cafe au lait yesterday. It was a decent attempt, but a bit more involved than just ordering it at the to-go window of Cafe du Monde.

The scenery in Northwest Arkansas is lined with beautiful mountains and trees, but I miss the scenery of the French Quarter. The wrought iron balconies, the colorful shutters, the Mississippi River with its bridges and barges, and the history. My camera decided not to work while I was there, but thankfully The Sweet Boy brought his along with him and I was able to capture some of the shots you see here.

For more pictures, visit my Flickr account.


ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oooh, So I'm reading the Alton Brown book based on Feasting on Asphalt (dont know if you're a food network fan or not) and theres so much about New Orleans in there

Your pictures made me smile :-)

idyll hands said...

I loved the Feasting on Asphalt that they took up the Mississippi!

organicstills said...

That's a gorgeous photo. I'd love to get out to New Orleans sometime and run around with my camera!

Melodie Ann said...

You had me at Cafe Du Monde!

Seriously, I'm salivating right now.

Melodie Ann said...

I'm already on the wait list for the second season of Dexter on Netflix. I really liked the first season. So far, I think season 5 has been my favorite season of The Sopranos. So hurry up and watch so we can discuss. :o)

casserole said...

Now you're making me miss New Orleans too, funky smell, humidity, and all. I haven't been since I was in high school... I bet it's way more fun as an adult!