Yo-Yo Ma Once Said To Me...

No really, he did, just today. He said to me "You must be the architect of your own life". It was in relation to balancing my passion for the arts in my life. I love playing piano, bassoon, teaching bassoon, teaching music, teaching music history/appreciation, performing arts management, jewelry making, etc. I can go to work at an arts center and still be a bassoonist. I can still teach - teach my friends - teach my coworkers - teach students - just teach. I can still play - play at work - play at home - perhaps play in a symphony - just play. It goes on from there, I'm sure you get the point.

This conversation could not have come at a better time in my life. I have been spending many hours laying in my bubble baths wondering if I'm going the right direction in my career/life. Guess what, folks? Your career is not your life. Being the architect of your life leaves what you do totally up to you. Perhaps I do work in arts management, who's to say I can't also teach music history some day? Who's to say? I'm no longer going to say.

I can do whatever - jewelry maker/knitting/bassoonist extraordinaire. And soon I'll have my bassoon to prove it.

Note: In case you're wondering why Yo-Yo Ma was telling me this, I work at a fabulous place that allows its staff fabulous opportunities like this. Maybe my being able to talk to him today was one of the reasons I didn't get some recent job opportunities I interviewed for.

Things happen for a reason.

And hey - here's Yo-Yo Ma with another artists making an appearance at Walton Arts Center later this spring - Bobby McFerrin.

And these guys have been to Walton Arts Center too - playing with - you guessed it, Yo-Yo Ma

(hehehe, Fayetteville, Arkansas gets quite the line up)


Punkinhead said...

I have been telling you ever since you moved up here that you should audition for the symphony!

And can I just say... "ahh, bubble baths..." *sigh*

Ekio Locatiare said...

Wow, thats really cool. ^-^ Hubb and I were talking the other day about instruments (not sure how we brought that topic up, lol) and he mentioned that when he first got into music he wanted to play the oboe and no one at his school could teach him. They had him try out a sax and he was a natural but still wanted to try the oboe. Perhaps when he gets settled down more I can pick him up one to try.

You should so do the symphony! My sis is a violinist in the youth and has been for years. She wants to play with the symphony when she gets older, but has other things planned as well. ^-^

argylewhale said...

That is so fantastic. I can't believe he actually says fascinating and deep things like I'd expect him to. I'm so happy for you that you had the chance to speak to him.

Denise Felton said...

Oh. My. GAWD.

Really? I'm just speechless. Yo-Yo Ma.

If I touched you, my finger would sizzle.