Guys, I'm not sure if you've realized it yet, but it's HOT outside. The only remedy for the heat is a snow cone.

It doesn't matter what flavor.

Just as long as that flavor is topped with cream.

Because snow cones need cream.

Trust me on this one.

I went to look at a house today. The location was so-so, the view was spectacular, but it was clearly built for college roommates. Small living room, eh kitchen, no dining space, 4 tiny bedrooms, 2 tiny bathrooms (one of them doubling as the utility room) and absolutely NO storage space. I don't know any adult that doesn't need at least some storage. So, I'll mark that one off of the list.

And why am I looking at houses if it sounded like we had one all ready for us? Because... I've decided I think I need to stay in town. Anyways, the house out in the country was starting to sound like it was a little too close to what could turn into drama at some point.

I'm also really giving my house a good deep cleaning and some slight rearranging this week in hopes that a shiny house will make the Sweet Boy and me fall in love with it all over again. One thing is apparent, we might have the best deal in town, even without good parking options. Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

well ya know... it is a buyers market right now too. Have you considered that route at all?

♥ p.s. It's raining here today.