Big news... I think

Oh my, it seems I've forgotten to come post my big announcement here on the blog. Last week I received a promotion at work. I've gone from Booking Manager to Booking and Events Manager. I've also gone from supervising no one to supervising 6 someones.

Am I crazy to accept that? Maybe.

Am I overly excited to FINALLY be stepping into some big girl shoes at work? Heck yeah.

As the Booking Manager I managed the master calendar at work, handled client events (concerts, recitals, receptions, etc) and... yeah, that was it. It was a big job, but I had been doing just that job for 6 years. I needed something else. Now I'm doing those two things and also managing the special events for Walton Arts Center and running Front of House activities. I can't even express my excitement in words.

I'll be getting my hands dirty learning new stuff and I am loving it so far.

In other news, the Sweet Boy and I might be moving 11 miles out of town come August. We need to go see the house first but it comes with a drive way. A drive way is something I've learned to cherish in my 2 years at the house I'm in now. Don't get me wrong, I will miss the heck out of this house, but I won't miss the parking issues. It's almost like I live in Chicago based on the parking alone. But I don't. I live in Arkansas. I'd like to have a parking space.

Oh, and I'm 29. 29 year olds shouldn't have to fight with 21 year olds for parking. Sorry, it just shouldn't be that way.


Ann said...

woo! grats on the promotion!

also, complete agree on the parking thing. my biggest desire in life right now is a garage.

*sighs dreamily*

island sweet said...

that's wonderful news! i can just hear the excitement in your voice. we all always need to be learning new things. stretching.

Me said...

Yay! All BIG and exciting news! (When I think of bad parking, I think of UT. So, you know, I get it. lol)

Sunny said...

Congrats on the promotion, that's awesome!

Laurie Marshall said...

They saw you wearing those kick-ass big girl shoes and knew you were ready. It's so obv.

And you know that everyone who gets to be big-time and important moves out of town to the country. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Erin, I'm so excited for you! Congrats on the new job role, and I hope you find the *perfect* house too!! ♥