It even has a poof

See this hat? I made it tonight. I made it without a pattern. I made it without really knowing how to pick up stitches to finish off the second ear flap. I made it with a poof/pom-pom without ever really having made one, but today I did.

I'm feeling quite accomplished. Never mind that I still have 3 things to make for Christmas gifts. Never mind that I should be starting the other gifts instead of blogging about this one. Never mind that this hat is so warm it will feel like you're getting a sun burn on your head in the dead of winter (it is for someone who will be in Montana for a while). I'm just feeling good that I finished something that wasn't a scarf, cheater hat, or wrist warmers.

I'm proud of myself... at least for the moment.

But seriously guys, check out that pom-pom!


Anonymous said...

Erin, it's SO cute! I love it!!

Merry Christmas Miss!
♥ Janell

Anonymous said...

Sweet hat!

Hey, when is the deadline for posting pictures for the holiday spin along?

idyll hands said...

Oh - the deadline was Christmas and I already drew out a name for a winner - but please post your pictures anyways! I'd love to see them :)

idyll hands said...

Actually - regarding the SAL - a lot of people haven't posted pics... I might draw out a second name if people can get pics posted by New Years day.

Anonymous said...

Oh - whoops. I figured it would be either Christmas or New Years but I couldn't find where it was posted.

dogwood said...

That rocks!!!