Theatrical and such

During a recent trip to Little Rock, I ran across some vintage/antique (not sure which) brass theater seat numbers. At first I didn't realize what they were, I just knew they were going to be made into jewelry so I bought what they had. It didn't dawn on me what they were until I was taking a seat for a show at work and looked down as I entered the aisle and went "AHAH!". Funny how things like that work - I see these elements in the theater weekly, but didn't really recognize it at first.

I've been holding on to them since then. I wasn't sure what I wanted to use them for. Well, I knew they would turn into necklaces, but I wasn't sure what the look would be. After playing around with them for weeks, I finally settled on a simple, elegant, and lovely design. It's vintage inspired in colors but perfect to wear nowadays to a theater performance, dinner, or just to work.

Speaking of Little Rock, I'm heading back down there tomorrow with my mom and my sister for my mom's follow up appointment with her surgeon. I'm not sure we'll find out much on this trip - they will do a new MRI and let us know where we stand at this point, but I think it will be the next round of MRIs that will tell us the stuff we need to know to move forward with cancer treatment. Have I mentioned lately that brain cancer sucks? I feel like we're just waiting around for someone to tell us something and we can't actively go find that something ourselves.

In other news - we have a new president and I can quit pretending I was from Canada. President Obama's speech was so motivating and really has me looking forward to our future. I'm holding out hope for a speedy recovery from the 8 years of hell that my country has gone through.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


Melodie Ann said...

Did you by chance get a 2 or an 11?

idyll hands said...

I've got 5, 10, 8 and 4 - no 2 or 11 :(

Punkinhead said...

I'll find mine and see if I have a 2... I'm pretty sure there were not double digits.

casserole said...

okay, so I gotta know - where did you find those seat numbers?? they ROCK.