Inspiration Needed - apply within

An Austin, TX sunset complete with matching car - taken February 2005

I think I need some new inspiration. I've just about exhausted the views of the Boston mountains (part of the Ozarks) from my window. I've exhausted spring in NW Arkansas, winter in NW Arkansas, fall in NW Arkansas, and anything else, in NW Arkansas.

Perhaps a trip to my beloved Austin, TX is in order? Surely I could find some new inspiration there. There's plenty of burnt orange (a favorite color of mine not because it belongs to my beloved alma mater, but because I look darned good in it), plenty of rolling hills, great food (a bracelet inspired by summer tomato salsa anyone?), naked hippies, and amazing sunsets as seen from the patio at Oasis.

Yes, a trip down south is just what I need. Now to hit up the old roomie for a bed to crash on.

*note about Hippie Hollow - go to www.hippiehollow.com if you are interested in reading more, but I warn you, you might run into some nudity.


Anonymous said...

Oh hunney, we all need new inspriation every now and then. Soon you'll see lots of new blooms around, and you'll find new seasons and new trends... hang in there hun.


ElegantSnobbery said...

What a fun picture. Give me a call when you get to Austin!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's one pink car!!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

woo I'm lovin that pink car! Someones been watching the Fast and the Furious :-)

ThePeachTree said...

How crazy is that? What will they think of next... :)