How I did it

For those who wanted to know my method for hair - it's basically THIS METHOD.

I'm reading a lot of forums where people say to not do this method and only go to a hairdresser. I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I had long hair when I started and didn't cut too much off, so I was safe. I think some people go too far with this hair cut and then they have way short layers on top - never fun.

I made my pony tail by hanging my head straight down (crown of my head facing the ground) and combed and combed and combed my hair until I was absolutely sure that everything was hanging in the right place. Then I made the pony tail right on top of my head and went from there.

Whatever you do, be careful. Cut in small amounts and take out the pony tail and check your progress before going shorter.

Oh, and I take no part in the blame if this doesn't work for you. It's a gamble... I like how mine turned out.


pentalia said...

Thank you for the link! Did you just cut off an inch?

idyll hands said...

It looked like I cut off almost three inches (I did it an inch at a time and checked between) but you can't tell from the back of my hair. I think most of the length came off in the layers.

Anonymous said...

It worked!

Thanks so much love!

Logan said...

I'm bookmarking this for 5 years from now when I have long hair again. That is awesome.