A Call for Help

Help! I cannot come up with a name for the necklaces you see above. They are a deep red and a light, mojito green on an antiqued brass chain and I just can't come up with something appropriate. Here's where I need your help. I'll be giving away one of these necklaces to whoever can help me name them. I need to name them by Monday night, June 30 - so you have 2 days. Things to keep in mind when getting creative:

I like to stick to names inspired by nature when it comes to my stone necklaces
Leave me a way to contact you

If you can stick to those two rules and you recommend the name that strikes me as perfect for these little gems, I'll send one over to you (your choice which one).

Get busy, put on your thinking caps and leave suggestions in the comments.

Below is the result of a marathon jewelry making/organizing session. I've got 2 days until setting up in my first brick and mortar shop and one of those days is a 12 hour day at work. Guess who's going to be busy tomorrow? (I do love how flashy those bracelets look piled in a box)


Sew Bettie said...

Maybe "Tuscany" because the colors remind me of that part of Italy...

Sarah said...
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medeous said...

they remind me of luscious red velvet cake. yum

Dianna said...

How about....Poppies in the Field??
or....something else... :)

Sunny said...

Here are my contributions:

Burgundy and Moonlight
Burgundy Dawn
Burgundy Haze
Night Mirage

Can you tell I like burgundy? Man, a glass of wine is starting to sound good :) Good luck with the naming!

casserole said...

They remind me of little berries you'd see while hiking in the woods. Sooo...

Woodland berries?
Trail mix?

Linda said...

Chocolate Bites
Rows of Deep Rose