Boosting the Etsy Economy

I recently stumbled upon a new online payment program called Revolution Money Exchange, or RME for short. It is similar to PayPal except a lot of the fees are non-existent. It is currently in its Beta stage and they are offering a $25 sign up bonus. This is $25 that can be used to shop on Etsy without coming out of your pocket. I've used some already and it is legit.

They are also offering $10 for each referral you send their way that signs up. This is where I get excited. I'd love to refer everyone I know, but don't want to offer up their emails to the site without permission. If you would like to have $25 to spend and potentially a new way to accept money without as many as the fees of other applications, leave me a note on here or email me at knittinghands@yahoo.com and I'll send a referral your way.

You'll be my bestest buddy if you do!

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Stacy said...

Oh, you MUST send me a referral! :D email is, umm... lets use: foxgloves@comcast.net